5 Important Reasons to Consider Travelling

Travelling is a wonderful activity that lets you see the world and its wonders, lets you meet people from a different part of the world with a different culture from yours and see the world from another perspective. It provides one with fun and usually unforgettable experiences.

However, despite these things, there are people who still don’t enjoy travelling, not because of lack of money, they just have a general hatred or disliking towards the thought of travel. This could spring from a bad travel experience, depression, anxiety, phobias, etc. whatever it is, I don’t blame you and I respect your decision.

However, it has been shown that travellers get to benefit from lots of good things and these good things are the important reasons why you, a non-traveller, should try to fight what is holding you back and explore the world.

  1. Learning

By travelling to a destination outside the one you are used to and have probably been used to since birth, you are significantly try to learn more about how the world works.

By seeing and following other people’s culture, you are learning something new while also teaching them what they don’t know about your own culture.

They say we learn everyday but by staying in the same area and seeing the same people every day, the possible things we can learn from them start to dwindle before reaching its end. Don’t wait for that to happen, travel to other parts and learn something new from a different set of people.

  1. Time With Self

By travelling, you get to spend a lot of ‘me’ time without people constantly interrupting. Travelling solo for a week would give you enough time to escape things and people that stress or frustrate you.

You also get to think freely without any disturbances as to what you want to achieve in life, the steps you have taken to achieve this goal and how close you are to it. You only get to do this unhindered when you are far away from the things and people you are used to.

  1. The Food

I don’t know about you but one of the first things I do when I visit a new location is to try out their local cuisines. Although I have been disappointed few times, I enjoy it most of the time.

Travelling allows you try something new other than the food you have been eating since birth. They (cuisines) might seem weird to you at first but with time, you will find yourself loving them and maybe even learn how to make some for when you return home.

  1. Gets You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Travelling pushes you to do things you wouldn’t do on a normal. You might go to a new destination and without Jason and Harry to talk with, you take a stroll, see a group of guys beat boxing, you decide to give it a try and just like that, you fell in love with beat boxing. Something you would have never done if you were back home all snuggled up on your bed chatting away.

  1. No Regrets

There are no regrets in travelling. You get to have cherish able memories of anywhere you go, bar any accidents. Also, you can always make money but memories on the other hand, not so much.


For these reasons, I myself would be on a plane to Italy (I love their food the most) right now but you are the one who needs convincing so get up, pack your backpacks, go experience something new, and join we travellers in benefitting from the tons of things we benefit from.


Speak of awesome tourist attraction centres in North America, Mexico cannot be left out. Compared to other sites in several European cities, Mexico has gained much popularity as a choice resort for tourists and travellers who desire great relaxation and a fun-filled vacation. The former Spanish empire is endowed with lots of sandy beaches and numerous eye-catching sceneries.

Mexico also boasts a rich and attractive cultural heritage and numerous wonderful historical sites which reflects the beliefs and way of life of the Mexican people. Some of these historical spots include Mayan, Ancient Aztec and some colonial sites.

An extremely surprising fact is that all these historical sites are recognised by UNESCO, and are included in the list of world heritage sites. This helps to ensure that the ancient configuration of these sites stays preserved and untampered with for the future. Other amazing heritage sites that offer unforgettable vacation experiences are Uxmal, Guanajuato, and Chichen Itza which are all traditional beaches.

Another thing to look out for in this wonderful country is the cultural diversity of its populace. Mexico is a blend of nativity and modernity, no thanks to Spain’s colonial sway which brought about a mix of different values and culture among the Mexican people. The amazing Flora and Fauna of Mexico, her tropical rainforests and arid deserts are some of her many natural endowments.


Here are some of the top spots you can spend your next vacation in Mexico

  1. Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the finest tourist centres in Mexico and it is a renowned beach spot for travellers and tourist heading to the country for holidays. The “Vallarta” as popularly called is known to be the best spot for North American elites and foreigners due to its warm climate and amazing scenery. The city offers travellers and visitors adventurous and fun-filled activities such as dolphin swim-along, jet-skiing, ship rides, paragliding and many more.


  1. Mayan Coastline (Riviera) and the Cancun

The Mayan Riviera, a combination of the beautiful Cozumel Isle and the Cancun Playa del Carmen is a top-notch vacation and relaxation spot. The Riviera contributes up to 20% of Mexico’s IGR and it plays host to about five (5) million tourists and visitors yearly. This tourist spot has beautiful sceneries, various beaches, and a lot of fun-filled activities to choose from. Some fun activities in Mayan include stingray and dolphin swim, scuba diving to view the ancient sculptures submerged 8m below in the biggest underwater museum in the globe, snorkelling among tropical fishes and reefs. The old Mayan Ruins is another interesting thing to look out for.


  1. Barranca del Cobre

This is one of the best vacation spots to be if you are looking to have a great time in Mexico and it is often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Mexico. The amazing Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon) is located in the Sierra Madre Occidental and it is made up of spectacular sets of deep canyons. This site was named Copper Canyon due to the coppery colour of its barricades (walls). The Copper Canyon is quite bigger compared to Arizona’s Grand Canyon. The exciting views in the Canyon will surprise you, and several fun-filled activities such as bird watching and camping.

The Rookie Vacationer’s guide to St. Barts

Are you looking for a quiet get away; a resort with all of the modern glamour and glitz but that’s not as crowded as the popular destinations? Or are you just in need of somewhere new, a fresh scene different from what you’re used to? We’ve got you covered. Even if you neither of the above and you’re just surfing the web about vacation spots. This brief piece on the magical island of St. Barts is just what you need. We’ll be covering the basics of everything you need to know as a starting point for planning your St. Barts vacation


A few fun facts and Clarifications

Names and other issues: The full name of the island is Saint Barthelemy. It’s shortened to St. Barts or St. Barths in English, but the French Abbreviation is St-Barth.

You Might Bump into JayZ and Beyonce: No jokes here, St. Barts often plays host to some really big celebrities especially during the New Year celebrations. But don’t freak out yet if you’re one for the quiet life, the island is pretty big, and there are various relatively secluded hotels and beaches you can go chill at if you feel you need to escape the noise.

A Lot To Choose From

At St. Barts, you’ll be spoilt for variety. There are about 14 beaches to choose from; a few are: Grand Cul de Sac, St. Jean, Marigot, Lorient, Toiny, Saline, Gouverneur, just to mention a few. Every single one of them spectacular with beautiful white sand and a calming scenery of the water. What’s more, you don’t have to pay to get in. They’re public and free. Quick heads up; nudity isn’t allowed, this isn’t your Jamaican hedonistic resort. Another interesting tip, the Colombier Beach was owned by David Rockefeller for many years, descendant of John. D. Rockefeller

Accommodation and Feeding

Hotels are available and they’re in various ranges depending on your financial capacity and personal preferences. They range from 2 star to 5 star hotels and some are located on the specific beaches. Also, if you’re the type who would rather have an apartment to yourself than rent a hotel, St. Barts has also got you covered. There are apartments of various sizes that you can rent over the duration of your stay. These also vary in price.

The vast array of foods available for you to try out at the restaurants is an important part of the vacation experience itself. However, if you prefer making your meals, groceries and food stuff are available at the markets, keep in mind that they may be a little on the pricey side.


All in all, St. Barts is a good idea if you’re looking for fun without unnecessary crowds or noise. You’ll be grateful you tried it out. Details

St. Barts, the Caribbean

The fact that it is visited by many celebrities is a testament to the beauty and wonder of St. Barts, but the downside to this is that it drives up the price of accommodation and activities. Kite surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, and sailing are just a few of the activities you can enjoy on the island. Its most popular beaches are the capital, and one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, Gustavia, Saline Beach, Gouverneur Beach, Colombier Beach, and Lorient.

The path to Colombier Beach might be a bit tiring but is as amazing as the beach itself as it’s a 15 minute walk over rocky cliffs surrounded by cacti. The beach itself is lovely with its beautiful sand and turquoise blue ocean. Saline Beach is another spot that’s more secluded than other beaches which makes it a decent spot for sunbathing nude. Gouverneur Beach is another competitor for most beautiful beach on St. Barts. Unlike Colombier, Gouverneur is easily accessible if you’re not a fan of walking or cacti thanks to the presence of a parking lot that is just a few walking minutes away from the sand.

Gustavia, the capital, is not just famous for its beautiful beach but also for being the shopping capital of the Caribbean. There you’ll find famous stores as well as local brands including but not limited to handmade accessories. Fort Gustav is another major attraction in the city. It was made in the 18th century by Swedes. The fort has a soaring lighthouse in its center and a lovely view of the harbor from above. Architecture in Gustavia is a sight to behold thanks to influence from the Swedish, English, Caribbean, and the French. The InterOceans museum in Corossal Village near the west is a famous spot in St. Barts. The museum has a vast collection of sea shells reaching 9,000 in number as well as other interesting items from sea.

Surfing is a popular sport in St. Barts especially at Lorient Beach. There you can rent a surfboard and hit the waves. Feeling hungry? Visit Do Brazil which is a restaurant owned by former tennis pro Yannick Noah. It’s a restaurant and a bar giving you options depending on how you’re feeling about food at the moment. It’s famous for its Latin dishes which include Brazilian style meat as well as regular food such as burgers. The restaurant also has regular events at night making it a complete entertainment hub. New port richey ac repair